I am a freelance software developer, writer and an entrepreneur. I am the guy behind this site and the author of its blog posts. I live in Karachi, Pakistan — a fast developing city. I’m studying software engineering as a major from University of Karachi, but I always enjoy learning different things. I currently do freelance software development and content writing for different clients – mostly for the clients outside Pakistan as I enjoy working remotely!

I have a natural tendency for creative writing and self-expression. My writing style is undisciplined (thus “creative”) and more inspiration-driven than academic-driven. I enjoy practicing my creative writing through this blog and social media networks.

Apart from programming and writing skills, I enjoy playing musical instruments (acoustic guitar, etc.). I love listening to rock (alternative, gothic, etc.) and western classical music (Beethoven, etc.) I regularly do covers of contemporary rock songs as hobby, and practice arranging the classical music in my acoustic guitar. Even though my singing isn’t as good as playing the instruments, I do have a Tenor voice, and so I can sing western songs quite comfortably.

When I began working as a freelancer and started my business, I had an ambition to make my personal site — a site which can be a one-stop shop for my contact information. Apart from my general contact info and services, this site hosts blog posts, articles and my opinions on programming, creative writing, personality development, productivity tips, etc.

PS: Feel free to poke around the site and contact me if needed!