Why I love deadlines

Highlighting the reasons on why I love deadlines.

In my freelance writing career, I find it hard to finish the work if I don’t have enough stress of deadlines. This stress is actually an eustress for me, because it motivates me enough to complete the unfinished projects. I do many projects at once, and sometimes it’s hard for me to keep focused on a single project regardless of my decisive personality. I need to have the ability to effectively meet deadlines.

Although, I wouldn’t say that others should love deadlines too, and that they should only work effectively under deadlines, because I prefer diversity, but I do think that deadlines are very important in a successful project management.

Many people would argue that giving hard deadlines kill the creativity in highly potential people who, despite working under deadlines, would prefer to work when there is no external pressure of time. I would argue that it is certainly true, but deadlines should nevertheless be the part of a long-term successful project, as without it, many people may find difficulty in finishing the project.

In this blog post, I will highlight the points in favor of deadlines and why it should be part of contracts of employers when hiring employees.

Why I love deadlines

1) It gives motivation

As mentioned earlier, deadlines provide motivation to achieve something, which is finishing the project in case of work. I only work efficiently if I have some motivation. If there is no motivation, then I can greatly lack desire. If I do this project at the right time, then I would have more time for other projects.

2) Recipe to kill Procrastination

Many people have a tendency to procrastinate while working on a project. This is cumbersome for them, as they find themselves in failure when they can’t do work as others expected of them. This leads to self-abandonment and the sense of guilt.

Many people do procrastination not because they are not dedicated to complete a job within a deadline, but because they are perfectionists and only work when they feel they understand everything and that the current moment is the right time to act.

3) Sense of responsibility

Deadlines make you responsible that others are relying on your work. Getting your work done on time affects other people.  If you are late for your deadline, it could have a domino effect and make everyone else late as well.  In the end everyone ends up looking unprofessional and disorganized.


Deadlines are arguably the catalyst in making your project successful, as many are stimulated by deadlines, as long as it doesn’t end up killing the creativity in people.


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