Hi, there!

My name is Danyal Zia, I live in Karachi, Pakistan — a fast developing city. I’m graduating at University of Karachi, where I’m studying software engineering. I like to program applications, my main interest is in native compiled programming languages, although in recent months, I have made the transition to web development. I prefer static/strongly typed languages such as C, C++ and D, basically the ones that provide the maximum performance and/or use the hardware specific features.

I started my programming journey by contributing to some open-source software that are hosted on Github. I pursue to host my projects and code snippets there as much as I can. I currently do freelancing in software development and content writing.

When I began working as a freelancer, I had an ambition to make my personal site — a site which can be one-stop shop on my contact information. So, I decided to try Tumblr for both the CMS and site hosting, but I later realized that I needed to upgrade, so I made the transition to WordPress.

PS: Feel free to poke around the site and contact me if needed!


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